We offer a wide range of funky house plants at our store. This list includes the plants we most often have in stock. Our plant sizes range from 4 inches to full grown. If you have questions about what we have in stock or want to place an order for in store pickup, please feel free to call our store at 541-230-1003.


Calathea Ornata



Ponytail Palm



Umbrella Plant



ZZ Plant



Ficus Elastica Tineke



Pilea Moon Valley






Hoya Kerrii



Snake Plant Black Coral



Leap Frog Pepperonia



Monstera Adansonii



Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant



Spanish Airmoss



lemon lime dracaena



Ficus Elastica Robusta



Philodendron Birkin



peperomia teardrop



Staghorn Fern



Ficus Lyrata



Calathea Ornata



Rattlesnake Calathea



Tradescantia nanouk



Burro's Tail



Peperomia caperata



Golden Pothos



Pilea Baby Tears



Pilea peperomioides



Pink Panther



Fishbone Cactus